Friday, 31 August 2012

Gran's chair

After many years of treasuring and determinedly hanging on to my great grandmother's chair it has finally found its place.

It's a funny little chair, very low to the ground. What's known as a nursing chair, I think. It used to sit by the fire in her kitchen and was the perfect cosy spot, in the corner behind the kitchen table, next to the toasting fork and below the cat's head string dispenser. 

I can't bring myself to remove the layers of its history. The varnish on the arms is dulled and worn from years of use. The original layer of striped canvas is beautiful, and the golden 50's fabric is in great condition.


Knowing that my Gran stitched the shot silk cover together, however badly, makes it impossible to undo. I think I must have inherited my sewing skills from her!

In my old house it was in the living room, under a ceiling that was 10 feet high, and when I sat in it I felt like Mrs Pepperpot!

For the last year it's been in the garage, getting damp and feeling unloved. And now! Our gorgeous new garden room has given it the home it deserves.

Vintage cushion covers from a charity shop fit perfectly and it's great to see it back in use. 

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